After my first trip (a white-knuckle affair) in Karl’s sub back in 2011, I walked away with the understanding that I would not, under any circumstances, lower myself into that homemade machine again. But my penchant for idealizing and drive to overcome my self-limiting anxiety led me into the cramped quarters of Idabel once again in 2013. This time, though, I was hell-bent on tempering my claustrophobia and deep sea neuroses with my dream of becoming a professional videographer. My nascent career has not been as smooth or easy as I imagined, but every dive is another few hours of experience under my belt.

With this blog, I hope to provide a portal for the public to interact with real-time deep sea exploration and discovery. Much of deep sea exploration today is spearheaded by large research institutes (e.g. MBARI) or affluent investors (e.g. James Cameron). Through my blog, I hope to place deep sea exploration in the context of the human experience, which is becoming less common through the increased use of ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehnicles) and AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles).

While my background in Molecular Biology (B.S. from Haverford College) and dabble in grad school (Biological Anthropology) have seemingly nothing to do with my current career path, I at least have some experience stringing words together to create the thread of a story and reading a DSLR camera manual. However, videography is an art; one which will take me many years, likely decades, but probably my entire life, to perfect.

I hope you enjoy the blog enough to subscribe! Any feedback, comments, or questions are also welcome.


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