9780547985527James Nestor’s latest book, Deep, chronicles his exploration into the extreme sport of free-diving and the deepest parts of our ocean. While researching his book, Nestor took a dive in Karl’s submarine back in January of 2013, which he’s written about in what we hope is a positive light. However, from the looks of the New York Times Book Review, his descriptions may be a bit dramatic!

Deep is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, June 24th. Below is a blurb from the New York Times Sunday Book Review:

The deeper the book ventures into the ocean, the more dramatic and unusual the organisms therein and the people who observe them. Nestor takes a harrowing ride to −2,500 feet with one D.I.Y. submarine builder from New Jersey. The man operates his vessel in Honduras because “taking tourists down 70 stories in a homemade, unlicensed submarine, without insurance, was a liability nightmare,” and regulations in Honduras are “lax or nonexistent.” It adds to the drama when they reach the “midnight zone” — where light ceases to penetrate the water and some organisms have evolved into hermaphrodites to double their chance of bumping into a potential mate — and the hull of the bubble-gum-and-duct-tape sub begins creaking and fizzing.



~ by twonakedapes on June 22, 2014.

2 Responses to “Deep”

  1. I just finished Deep in one setting and you have nothing to worry about, it made want to take your trip 🙂

  2. Love this book! James Nestir gets me interested in subjects only hinted at in my previous reading. His style of writing denotes curiosity, and stimulates my own. His prose is intelligent and witty. Makes me long to Go Deep!

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